Web Development and Hardware: Jason Schollenberger

Jason presented a wide variety of topics to the Dead Coder Society, ranging from his web development projects to several different hardware topics. He presented an amazingly informational set of PowerPoint slides, which are attached at the end of this post in PDF format for viewing. Please feel free to download these slides for more in-depth coverage of his presentation. A quick summary of the topics have been outlined below:

  • PhatProfile – His first “large-scale” project, PhatProfile converted the Today window in AIM into a customizable profile. Had a peak of over 4600 active users while in production.
  • C# “AI” program – Application that provided responses  based on triggers defined in an XML file. Also included the ability to launch programs from within the application.
  • Hardware – Jason completed his presentation with an in-depth review of his different hardware excursions including:
    • Overclocking
    • Watercooling
    • Storage

The included PDF contains additional information and is chock-full of screenshots and photos for each section. Take a look!

Web Development and Hardware: Jason Schollenberger (PDF)

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