Email to Youtube downloader, Redis, Cocoa and OpenGL, Python’s HTTP Requests Module

We rung in the new year with a series of lightning talks:

Stan Schwertly kicked off the presentations with a set of slides on an email-to-youtube downloader script that combined Postfix, bash, and cclive to allow a user to email an address with a list of videos to download. The user receives a response email with a list of direct download links to the videos requested.

Trevor Parker continued the talks by overviewing Redis, a key-value store system that provides several NoSQL-like options for multiple languages.

Tim Heckman followed up with a presentation on Python’s HTTP requests module. The HTTP requests module is a more pythonic version of the current standard library and allows for easier interaction with remote servers.

Brian O’Keefe ended the meeting by discussing CocoaOpenGL, and GLKit for the iPhone. He also went over the pros and cons of component-based game design versus traditional game design paradigms.

Cheers to the Dead Coder Society!

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