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Email to Youtube downloader, Redis, Cocoa and OpenGL, Python’s HTTP Requests Module

We rung in the new year with a series of lightning talks:

Stan Schwertly kicked off the presentations with a set of slides on an email-to-youtube downloader script that combined Postfix, bash, and cclive to allow a user to email an address with a list of videos to download. The user receives a response email with a list of direct download links to the videos requested.

Trevor Parker continued the talks by overviewing Redis, a key-value store system that provides several NoSQL-like options for multiple languages.

Tim Heckman followed up with a presentation on Python’s HTTP requests module. The HTTP requests module is a more pythonic version of the current standard library and allows for easier interaction with remote servers.

Brian O’Keefe ended the meeting by discussing Cocoa,¬†OpenGL, and GLKit for the iPhone. He also went over the pros and cons of component-based game design versus traditional game design paradigms.

Cheers to the Dead Coder Society!