Twilio, Debian Packaging, Community Driven Radio, Pastebin Messaging, Python sh module, and more

The Dead Coder Society had its first meeting with our newest members. This meeting’s content was provided solely by the new members.

Peter Sandin was up first with his Debian Packaging presentation. He overviewed the process of packaging software in Debian and the various ways it can be done.

Tim Heckman followed Pete with two presentations. He discussed using Twilio, Python’s Flask web framework, and Python’s Paramiko library to interact with his network remotely from his cell phone. He also went over his IRC-related project to use Twilio to inform him of chat lines that interest him from irssi.

Nick Pegg continued the presentations by going over NickFM, a community-driven web radio project he has been working on. He combined Icecast, MPD, and custom Python code in order to create a digital station that allows for multiple remote DJs. Dead Coder Society member Brian O’Keefe posted a series on using Icecast for projects in the past as well:

Trevor Parker presented his idea of a pastebin-based system for decentralized, encrypted, and persistent message storing.

Les Aker brought the talks to a close with a presentation on Python’s sh module, which allows for system commands to be run in a pythonic fashion. The sh module integrates nicely with his soon-to-be finished automatic deployment system, Archer.

Cheers to the Dead Coder Society!


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