Second Round of Lighting Talks

This week, Tom Rush, Jason Schollenberger, and Brian O’Keefe all shared different topics, covered in the PDF available for download below. Tom opened by discussing the A* algorithm and showing his implementation in Python. He also discussed pygame, a set of Python modules for game development.

Brian discussed a user-powered website he created called, “Lets Hate Everything“. It’s similar to, where users can submit a pet-peeve, which are then voted on by other users of the site. It was developed in PHP and uses MySQL on the back end, as well as AJAX to enhance the user experience.

Jason discussed the X10 Home Automation protocol and its benefits. He showed off the power of the SDK provided by X10 with a few sample scripts, which control the light in his bedroom. We were able to witness a live demonstration using a webcam he set up prior to the meeting.

Please download the PDF available below for additional information!

DCS Minutes

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