First Round of Lightning Talks

On days without a designated speaker, we all share short presentations that we’ve coined “Lightning talks”. They’re not our creation though — I stole the name from Yet Another Perl Conference. This week, Jason Schollenberger, Brian O’Keefe, and I all shared different topics, covered in the PDF available for download below.

Jason discussed an application he’s developing in C# that tracks inventory for companies online. Brian covered two different projects: AugustAmbience, which uses jQuery to play the “soothing sounds of summer” and has attracted over 120,000 unique visitors, and LoserStats, a FaceBook application that uses different profile metrics to score the loserosity of the person using the application. We went over the pitfalls of FaceBook application development, as well as the great elements of jQuery. Lastly, I quickly discussed a project I’m developing in Perl for automating my current open mic website, JerseyMic. We discussed the different methods for pulling in information and how I’m going to integrate it all into a single source website.

Feel free to download the PDF available below for additional information:

Minutes from the first round of DCS lightning talks

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