A Note on Notes

The goal of the Dead Coder Society is to inspire others in the group to strive towards greatness and to develop a sense of community among the more-involved Computer Science students at Stockton. Meeting in groups once a week lets us achieve both of these goals:

  • We see each other doing great things. There’s one speaker and they’re discussing what they love. It’s infectious and inspires the rest of the group to want to do more outside of the classroom.
  • We tell each other what we’re doing. It’s not a stranger in front of the room, it’s a colleague. We see each other in the halls most days without knowing what our drive is. Meeting once a week helps create a sense of community.

Unfortunately, not everyone makes it to every meeting. We all take shorthand notes throughout the meeting, and if we’re lucky, the presenter will provide presentation notes at the end. The combination of shorthand notes by everyone and occasional slide notes is enough for absent members to get the gist of what happened, and a feel for any technology they missed.

We post these notes on the front page for our members, and anyone interested. They’re not meant to be comprehensive — they’re notes. If you have any questions, leave a comment and we’ll be happy to hook you up with the presenter.

That’s the note on notes!

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