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Using Razor with ASP.NET: Brian Cole

Brian Cole presented after Jico Baligod’s presentation on jQuery. He showed the power of Razor, a view engine for ASP.NET that allows the developer to use a template approach to HTML page generation. Brian demonstrated the usefulness of Razor with an empty MVC application, and was able to begin showing the usefulness of the technology within minutes.

There are several benefits to using Razor, most of which were laid out in the design goals:

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jQuery Basics with Jico Baligod

We welcomed another new member this week: Jico Baligod. Jico’s only been programming for a short amount of time, and has been able to produce things that surpass some of the other students in the program. Jico’s introductory presentation was a brief overview of jQuery, as well as a personal introduction to the group. Jico has several projects under his belt, including:

Jico continued on to explain some of the basic aspects of development with jQuery, from vocabulary to AJAX calls and DOM manipulation. The slides are available in PDF format below. Please feel free to read through!